We train to win a lethal encounter!

The Lethal Encounter Training Academy provides you with options.  Everything from a 3-hour Introductory Handgun Course to a 4-hour more comprehensive tactical handgun course to a full-on, all-day, 8-hour tactical handgun training course that will push you to your max.



An intense course designed to introduce officers to the skills necessary for responding to and resolving Active Assailant Events in public settings. The course will immerse students in the training, planning and preparation, team concept and formations, and the application of the tactics necessary to limit loss of life and injuries. Students will participate in exercises to learn to control handguns, rifles, and shotguns while moving in team formations. Students will be exposed to the stress associated with tactical operations through Simunition® exercises.



This course is designed for EMS Professionals to allow them to integrate into the tactical arena and provide Good Medicine in a Bad Place. This course does not teach medicine but it does teach how to apply medicine in the tactical situation using the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3) principals developed by the US Military but with a very specific Law Enforcement perspective. An introduction to tactical entry using the slow and deliberate method, immediate threat concept and dynamic entry are practiced. This is a physically and mentally challenging course.

WE train to WIN a “Lethal Encounter”!