Mr. Cleo Jackson, Jr., Chief Global Knowledge and Learning Officer, was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. His resume' holds over forty-one (41) years of combined Military & Law Enforcement cross-functional experience. He has served in the United States Marine Corps, Dallas Security Division, Dallas Police Department, Federal Reserve Law Enforcement, and Colombia Healthcare Systems. He also has extensive experience in Safety, Security and Executive Protection. He is an expert adviser in the fields of Security Consulting and Risk Management.  As an experienced Certified NRA Instructor and Certified Simunitions Instructor having taught small arms firearms, self-defense, arrest-control, tactical and educational topics for over ten years, Mr. Jackson is an expert in the fields of Firearm Education, Personal Protection and Executive Protection Services.

Mr. Jackson is a proven action-oriented Owner and Manager with over forty-one years of strong analytical and collaborative leadership skills. An Experienced Leader within the specialized field of hostile environment security operations. A hard-working, reliable professional, with proven experience of working in a demanding and pressurized environment where a keen and conscientious approach is required. 

His skills also include Coordinating and Planning Missions, Threat Assessment, Vulnerability Analysis, Search Awareness, Surveillance, Counter Surveillance, Anti-surveillance, Protection on Foot, Enbus-Debus Drills, Defensive Driving, Unarmed Defense Tactics, First Aid (First Responder), Route Selection, Venue Mapping and Route Planning.