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Course NameDurationCost
Texas Level II - Non-Commissioned Security Officer Training6 Hours$125.00
Texas Level III - Commissioned Security Officer Training45 Hours$275.00
Texas Level IV - Personal Protection Officer Training21 Hours$325.00
License to Carry - State Regulatory Course
4 Hours$100.00
Active Assailant Response40 Hours$500.00
Active Threat40 Hours$995.00
Advanced Executive Protection40 Hours


Advanced Report Writing3 Hours$75.00
Basic Defensive Pistol Skills Development8 Hours$140.00
Basic Public Relations10 Hours$125.00
Basic Rifle Training10 Hours$125.00
Building Search and Clearing10 Hours$250.00
Business Requirements Certification2 Days$1,175.00
CPR - First Aid - AED8 Hours$90.00
Defensive Duty Knife8 Hours$140.00
Defensive Tactical Carbine10 Hours$325.00
Digital Camera Surveillance3 Hours$65.00
Emergency Medical Response8 Hours$135.00
Emergency Self-Aid for Trauma Injuries8 Hours$135.00
Escape and Evade Course6 Hours$150.00
Ethics and Multiculturalism8 Hours$125.00
Home Defense16 Hours$400.00
Introduction to the Semi-Automatic Pistol16 Hours


Law Enforcement Advanced Carbine16 Hours$395.00
Laws of Arrest and Search4 Hours$75.00
Leadership and Supervision6 Hours$85.00
Long Distance Precision Rifle16 Hours$325.00
Men's Handgun4 Hours$75.00
Men's Self Defense4 Hours$100.00
Men's Tactical Handgun Phase I10 Hours$175.00
Oleoresin Capsicum (OC Spray), ASP Baton and Handcuffing16 Hours$175.00
Officer Down! - Injured Officer Shooting Techniques8 Hours$140.00
Personal Defense Program2 Hours$125.00
Personal Protection Inside Home8 Hours$250.00
Personal Protection Outside Home8 Hours$300.00
Private Instruction - Handgun3 Hours$100.00
Private Investigation40 Hours$300.00
Range Safety Officer10 Hours$125.00
Report Writing Skills4 Hours$75.00
Sniper I / Marksman I8 Hours$170.00
Sniper II8 Hours$190.00
Surveillance Investigations4 Hours$65.00
SWAT I40 Hours$995.00
SWAT II40 Hours$995.00
Tactical Emergency Medicine Services80 Hours$1,800.00
Tactical Pistol and Shotgun10 Hours$295.00
Taser®8 Hours$175.00
Women's Handgun4 Hours$75.00
Women's Self Defense4 Hours$100.00
Women's Tactical Handgun Phase I10 Hours$175.00